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      Shenzhen YYC Motor Ltd
      YYC Motor Limited
      Sales Line:86-13682689090
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      Address: 1.3.4/F,D Bldg,Wanda Industrial Zone, Zhoushi Road,Shiyan Town, Baoan District , Shenzhen , Guangdong, China

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      Our high technology appliances and mechanical facilities has allow us to have combine capabilities in the process of OEM/ODM manufacturing and to satisfy the new design requirement which is completed by our in-depth expertise R&D engineer staffs.

      We are welcome OEM/ODM order for all product categories;

      Dual Voltage 115V/230V;

      Special Voltage, such as AC 24V, 48V, 380V, 400V;

      Thermal Protected AC FAN;

      Different Speed, Airflow, Noise and so on;

      Different Connectors' require;

      Customized Logo and Packing;

      Our AC FAN can reach IP55 level.